1-54 I OFF I El FEnn I Moroccan Landscapes


20 February – 23 March 2020

Moroccan Landscapes

For this new edition of the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech, Loft Art Gallery is once again collaborating with El Fenn to present “Moroccan Landscapes” an exhibition that honors the work of two Moroccan artists. Amina Agueznay, known for her monumental installations, and photographer Hicham Benohoud.

Both deal with questions about Moroccan identity and culture. Through their artistic practices, each of them on their own way, our two artists weave connections with people and through their works show the diverse landscapes of Morocco.


The textile work of artist Amina Agueznay are a veritable cabinet of wonders of Moroccan weaving techniques, and her Constructions series offers up – to our senses of sight and touch – the skill of the women who are experts in the art of spinning. Each composition created by the artist highlights the infinite diversity of motifs collected from all over the country, in the course of her many voyages to discover master artisans. Made of dyed or undyed wool, the forms chosen by Amina Agueznay represent traditional canvas format; weaving or crochet associated with other forms invented by the artist. This singular world, conducive to dream and to contemplation, are so many landscapes of Morocco, which she beckons us to discover. 


The works of these two artists will resonate within these walls, to speak of their intimate Morocco, and show their native land through a new lens. 


intime et nous donner à voir leur pays à travers de nouveaux prismes.



Février 19, 2020