1-54 Foire d'art contemporain africain


1-54 Marrakech 2020


20 - 23 February 2020


For this new edition of the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech, Loft Art Gallery is pleased to present the latest creations of artists Amina Agueznay, Joana Choumali and Mohamed Lekleti.

As an artist evolving at the edge of various universes such as design, fashion and the artisanal weaving techniques that she often invokes in her work, Amina Agueznay draws from her multiple experiences. The compositions that she offers us here highlight the infinite diversity of motifs in traditional Moroccan art textile. Each composition is a singular universe, conducive to reverie where the very material (wool) used by the artist leads to a state of well-being and contemplation.


Represented at the Venice Biennale in 2017 and winner of the latest edition of the Prix Pictet for her Ça va aller series, Joana Choumali is an artist whose work is the product of enquiry, casting light on a particular culture, moment or geography. The artist creates her images in the form of testimony, questioning a particular era, custom or event.

Since 2016, Joana Choumali's work has evolved towards a more dreamlike universe, as if to ward off the violence of the world.


Recently described as a virtuoso of contemporary drawing in France by the magazine L’œil, Mohamed Lekleti invites us to a commedia del arte, frontal, stripped of background so as not to distract our gaze from the closed space in which his characters evolve. His black line, enhanced with scattered colours to which he sometimes adds stuffed animals or African statuettes, the artist seizes the moment to evoke the precariousness of human existence. Mohamed Lekleti's works express with subtlety, power and accuracy the ambivalence present in each of us and drive us to accept different points of view related to our experiences, culture or beliefs.

February 20, 2020