Founded in 2009 by Myriem and Yasmine Berrada Sounni, Loft Art Gallery has worked since its inception to highlight the modern and contemporary art scene on the African continent. Based in Casablanca, in the trendy Golden Triangle neighbourhood, the gallery has quickly become an essential part of the contemporary African art scene and a major player in the Moroccan economic and cultural capital.



Art has a great role to play. It connects people and, above all, different cultures. It offers hope and beauty when we need it most". Yasmine Berrada - Sounni



Originally specialized in local contemporary art, the gallery has since expanded its offer to include established and emerging artists from the rest of Africa as well as Europe. With a permanent work of research and publication on art history and a program that alternates monographic and collective exhibitions, Loft Art Gallery has contributed since its inception to the influence of the art scene within the kingdom.



"We are first and foremost a Moroccan art gallery, but our gallery is open to the world. We want it to serve as an artistic bridge between Morocco and the rest of the world while always keeping a focus on Africa. Our goal is to strengthen intercultural dialogue through art for our artists, collectors and curators". LAG



Driven by the desire to encourage intercultural dialogue, the Berrada sisters imagined the gallery as a platform to promote the contemporary art scene to an international clientele. Thus, the gallery regularly participates in fairs on the 3 continents and accompanies its artists on the biennials. It also works in close collaboration with numerous museum institutions around the world.


 Since its creation, the gallery has not ceased to prove, by its demanding and ambitious selection, the quality of the exhibitions it offers and the media coverage it generates, its status as a reference gallery on the Moroccan contemporary art scene.



"We want the gallery to be seen as a whole and to serve as a platform for the stories that our artists tell through their work". LAG